Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo Review

Known about these for a while and always wanted to try them.

They’re called “Violent Lips” and come in many designs and colours.

If you live in Australia, they’re available from Priceline for $14.95 for a pack of three.

My first attempt was a disaster. I cut them by following their cutting guide and awkwardly applied them.

One word- TERRIBLE! I looked ridiculous. I then decided I was not a fan.
The next day I decided to give them another shot, but this time ignoring the little warning telling me not to cut the top section. Well, let me assure you, if they dont seem to fit when you hold them up to your lips, cut that top lip line ‘til your hearts content! Just be sure to trim tiny bits off at a time.

The first few times you use them can be a bit tricky, but once you’ve mastered it, they look amazing!

I am most definately a fan!
They feel a bit strange on your lips at first, but a little lip balm to soften them up helps a lot.

Check out the range at
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